Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What the New Lead Law Means for the Wallet

Recently a client had several questions about the new law as everyone seems to be getting "letters from MDE".  I thought I would post a summary of our response in hopes to answer questions for others.

Rental housing built before 1978 requires inspection before Jan 1, 2015.

There is, however, no obligation under the Law to fully remove or otherwise permanently abate all of the lead paint in a rental property.

If occupied and Lead Free (XRF) has a failure and the repairs take less than 24 hours - pregnant women and small children must be removed for the property during abatement and clean-up (at the owners expense).

If repairs take longer than 24 hours all occupants must be removed from property during abatement and clean-up (at the owners expense).

Contractor and Inspector must be accredited by MDE.

Lead free certifications require interior and exterior testing.  The interior may pass but if the exterior does not you will recieve a limited lead free and the exterior will need an inspection every 2 years.

XRF testing runs from $300 to $400 in most areas and with the possible cost of moving occupied tenants it maybe more cost effective to go with Full Risk Reduction instead (dust wipes) which we price at $200.00 (flat fee no per sample).

You can direct any further questions to or give us a call 410-286-2472.