Monday, November 10, 2014

Drones for real estate aerial photography? Wait til 2015 BY JEANNE DUFORT

Posting this from New Orleans, where I'm attending my first National Association of Realtors national convention. One of the highlights of today was a seminar on the use of drones for aerial photography for real estate use.

We had two industry experts with the best intel available - the good news is that they are predicting that licenses for use in real estate will be available by sometime in 2015. The bad news - its definitely illegal today, although the FAA has not yet levied the $10,000 per event fine on a single case involving real estate and drone use.

Randy Jay Braun, director of product experience for DJI, makers of the phantom line of drones - the industry current gold standard for quality and value, took us through Drones 101 - history, current technology, and what's coming soon.

Michael Drobac from the Akin Gump law firm, represents a coalition of drone makers, and businesses who want to employ drones for a variety of tasks - including Amazon who envisions quick delivery with drones. He took us through the legal issues, which players will weigh in on policy changes, and what's happening in the rest of the world. He seemed quite confident that drone use for commercial purposes will be legal in 2015, with some licensing to regulate use.